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Our laboratory of fresh pasta.

One tortellino after the other

Tavolone Casalecchio

At Sfoglia Rina we have always been attentive to the choice of the raw ingredients. Therefore we select products that are, with few exceptions, local or regional such as Free Run eggs from ORLANDINI (Sesto Imolese) and the traditional flours of VILLA ROMITI (Forlì), which uses only grains from Emilia-Romagna. Day after day, our “sfogline” put their hands in the dough to produce, following the ancient tradition, a wide range of genuine and tasty pasta.

Sfoglia Rina Dimostrazione Pasta

In between tradition and modernity

With passion and commitment, our company produces many types of pasta to satisfy the most demanding palates: stuffed pasta, long or short pasta, pressed pasta, oven baked pasta and more. The family business offers its customers a wide range of handmade products, ranging from the classic “tortellino” to creative and seasonal proposals, not forgetting anyone since it also prepares vegan and gluten free dishes.

Sfogliarina Foto Lasagna

What happens in the lab?

It is in the artisan workshop of Sfoglia Rina, located in Zola Predosa, that the magic takes place. Every morning the raw ingredients arrive, and with care and skill, are processed and manually transformed into many pasta forms with different shapes and flavours. Over the years, our production has been increasingly structured and refined. In addition, since 2015 our products have been awarded the CEE stamp, a recognition that guarantees quality and compliance with all sanitary and health regulations and subjects the company to regular checks.

Sfogliarina Foto Tagliatelle

Our pasta workshop is divided into three areas: the kitchen for the preparation of the sauces and fillings, the area where the pasta is manufactured and the pastry corner where bakery desserts are prepared for sale and consumption. A cheerful and industrious bunch operates in its inside to carry on and reinterpret a tradition that is at the roots of the Emilia-Romagna culture.

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