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Our fresh pasta courses.

A tradition to pass on

Our profession is our passion! A passion that we also want to share and convey to our customers.
Therefore, we regularly organize courses for children and adults where they can learn our ancient culinary tradition. The art of making fresh pasta was developed at home, around the kitchen table. Tables that, like those at Sfoglia Rina, were equipped with a special compartment to hold chopping boards and rolling pins. We invite you to gather with us around the worktop, to literally put your hands in the dough, to enjoy the simple pleasure of doing something good with your own hands, to hear the stories of our grandmother and the many women who created the fresh pasta tradition: foundation of our the Italian cuisine.

See the courses calendar hereunder

Our children’s workshops are returning this fall.

From October 22nd till December 1st 2018, we invite the little ones to get their hands dirty! See calendar and information below.

For other requests related to specific lessons or demonstrations, do not hesitate to contact us by email at corsi@sfogliarina.it.

  • Workshops for kids

    Workshops for kids

    Every Saturday from 16.30 to 18.00 ‘o clock
    From 20 October to 1st December 2018

    via Marconi 70, Casalecchio di Reno 5
    Max 12 children from 6 to 12 years

    The workshops are thought of as a recreational path, where each step deals with a new passage in learning the art of egg pasta making. Each lesson invariably begins with making your own dough and rolling it out. So at the end of the cycle even the youngest puppies will give the most able sfogliana some run for their money.

    You can choose to do the whole cycle, or to participate to a single lesson:

    • 20/10 The dough:
      the classic ones, the colored ones, those with different flours, those without the egg! We make lots of them and then roll them out.
    • 27/10 Forms:
      pasta in Italy takes a thousand forms, stuffed and not. We learn the most classic.
    • 3/11 Stuffed pasta:
      Let’s concentrate on the belly: how we fill our pasta: stuffed with meat (balanzoni, agnolotti, ravioli etc.) but also the vegetables are good (tortelloni ricotta and spinach, ricotta and parsley, pumpkin tortelli).
    • 10/11 Tortellino:
      a special course dedicated only to the little king of Bolognese cuisine.
    • 17/11 Just pasta:
      gnocchi and passatelli … a kids play!
    • 24/11 Baked pasta:
      caution hot! Lasagna and rosettes two delicious dishes.
    • 1/12 Sweet pasta:
      Let’s finish sweetly thinking of Christmas: tagliolini cake and sweet tortellini.


    • single lesson 25 €
    • package of 3 lessons of your choice 70 €
    • full cycle of 7 lessons 150 €
    If you come with a brother or a friend, the cost per person becomes:
    • single lesson 20 €
    • package of 3 lessons of your choice 55 €
    • full cycle of 7 lessons 120 €

    Apron, hat, rolling pin … we take care of everything you need! At each lesson you can take home your delicacies, and you will receive a dedicated pin … collect them all and become a master sfoglino!.

    For info and reservations:

    Via Marconi 70 – 40033 Casalecchio di Reno Tel. 051 6135389 – corsi@sfogliarina.it

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