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A tavola

In 2010, we had the idea of expanding our company’s business: flanking the production and sale of our products with a restaurant activity. Thus, we opened Sfoglia Rina’s first restaurant: a convivial place, warm in the atmosphere and welcoming in its soul. A place reminiscent of Sunday lunches in the kitchen of grandma, an inclusive location where you can feel at ease whether a university student, a family with children or a retired couple.

Sfoglia Rina Arredamento

The desire to create a special spot permeates the choices we made. A dining room that is more evocative of a kitchen than a restaurant, a large central table that wants to stimulate sharing and conviviality, the traditional objects used for decoration but in an unexpected way, a nice but light service that recalls the craftsmanship of the our activity, a corner where the little ones can have fun drawing or reading a book while parents or grandparents drink an excellent coffee made with the “moka” of the house… In short, a happy and light place: like artist Chizu Kobayashi work’s that are projecting their shadows on the restaurant walls.

Sfoglia Rina Tradizionale

What’s cooking over here?

The cooking of Sfoglia Rina is a genuine cuisine: made of quality ingredients, presented in a simple way but with a touch of creativity.

The menu is divided into two. On one side the classics of the Bolognese tradition: the king “tortellino” strictly in broth or in its gourmand variant with a rich Parmesan cream; the vegetarian “tortellone”, served with butter and sage; the divine “tagliatella” covered with its ragù the typical Bolognese meat sauce; the more rustic “gramigna” with its sausage sauce; the poor “tagliolino”: grandmother’s recovery dish served in a fusion way; the “rich” lasagna, an explosion of taste and sublime balance between pasta, béchamel and meat sauce; and finally for those who want to escape the pasta: our “tigelle” served with mixed cheeses and cold cuts.

Sfoglia Rina Settimanale

The other side of the menu is instead occupied by our seasonal proposals. It is here that our fresh pasta is projected towards the future: reinterpreting tradition, sometimes contaminating it with distant flavours and aromas, but always focusing on the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients. The weekly menu is always composed of 7 dishes, namely: passatelli, gnocchi, risotto (gluten free), vegan dish, vegetarian filling, meat filling, pressed pasta, each of which is served so as to create a constant variation in the menu and always at pace with the going of the seasons.


See our updated blackboard with the menu hereunder, just as you will find it in our restaurants and if you want to order take-away, call us!

Traditional menù

  • Tortellini in broth

  • Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano zabaione

  • Tortelloni butter and sage

  • Tagliatelle with ragù alla bolognese

  • Gramigna with sausage

  • Tagliolini in Rina's broth

  • Lasagna alla bolognese

  • Tigelle, cheeses and salami

Weekly menù

  • Wholemeal flour strichetti sauteed with rabbit ragout, thyme, baked cherries, Ewe' s cheese

  • Spelled flour square ravioli filled with aubergines and mint seasoned with chetty tomatoes and pistachios

  • Basil cappelletti filled with aubergines and Calabria 'Nduja served with stracciatella cheese and fried basil

  • Green baskets pasta filled with goat ricotta cheese, yellow zucchini and mint served with Greek yogurt mousse and honey

  • Black passatelli with grilled peaches, Brie, spinach and walnut pesto

  • Zucchini cream, Ewe' s cheese, black pepper and cinnamon risotto

  • Potatoes and paprika gnocchi with, baked Tropea onion, crispy bacon, peach souce, lime and basil

  • Vegetables lasagna: aubergines, zucchini and leek

  • Spelled lasagna, zucchini brunoise, black tomatoes chutney and crispy almonds

Rina on the go

With a simple phone call you can also order your lunch takeaway.
It will be prepared at the agreed time for pick-up on the spot.

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Where are we?


via Castiglione 5/B
40124 Bologna (BO)

Casalecchio di Reno

via Marconi 70
40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

Restaurants Hours


  • Everyday
  • 11:30 - 19:00

Our cooks accept the orders until 19:00 ‘o clock, while the whereabout closes at 20:00. So, if you are looking for a place to dine early and in peace: we are waiting for you!

Casalecchio di Reno

  • Everyday
  • 11:30 - 15:30

We do not take reservations in our restaurants. However, we do our best to serve everyone quickly. At most, you’ll have to wait a few minutes.